New Family Referral Program

New Family Referral

When we have a good experience with an organization or a product, we naturally
want to tell others, right? 

The same should hold true in our Catholic school.   

Spalding Catholic introduces  our "New Family Referral" program that incentivizes our current families (and anyone else!) to actively promote and encourage a family to come to Spalding! 

Here's how it works: 
For each new family that is referred to and enrolls at Spalding Catholic, the person/family who referred them will receive their choice of one of the following:

  • A $300 tuition credit to be applied to their family’s tuition bill at Spalding Catholic 
  • A $300 tuition credit to be applied to another family’s tuition bill at Spalding Catholic
  • A $300 gift card of their choice through Spalding’s SCRIP program

Who qualifies as a “New Family”:

  • Any family not currently attending Spalding Catholic
  • Kindergartners are eligible only if they do not have another family member already at Spalding Catholic
  • Preschool families are not considered a new family

Who is eligible to receive the incentive:

  • Families who currently have children enrolled at Spalding Catholic
  • Spalding Catholic staff (excluding Enrollment Director)
  • Anyone who does not have a child currently enrolled at Spalding Catholic
  • Pretty much anyone!  

Other details:

  • The referral incentive will be given once the new family begins their 2nd semester at Spalding Catholic
  • The new family will designate who officially referred them to enroll
  • If more than one family is designated, the incentive will be split equally among them
  • Please notify the Enrollment Office of any prospective new family as soon as possible
  • There is no limit on the number of new families you can refer

 This program is subject to change without notice, if deemed necessary.