Purposes for Homework

Homework may be assigned for:

  • Preparation - given to prepare a student for upcoming lessons.
  • Practice - designed to reinforce skills already taught in class.
  • Assessment - intended to demonstrate mastery of skills.
  • Extension - intended to provide challenging learning opportunities for enrichment and extension of the lesson.



1. Ensure that students understand the purpose of assignments and how to complete them successfully.
2. Check, evaluate, and return assignments in a reasonable period of time. (Certain material may be retained for display or professional use.)

3. Maintain awareness of student homework and activity load.
4. Periodically review progress on long-term assignments.


1. Understand the purpose of assignments and how to complete them successfully.
2. Write down assignments (Grades 2 to 6).
3. Complete assignments independently, neatly, accurately, and on time. 4. Complete make-up work. Students have one school day for each day missed to turn in work.


1. Provide a suitable study atmosphere.
2. Encourage student independence in completing assignments. Never do the homework for your child; instead guide or assist when difficulties arise.
3. Encourage pleasure reading above and beyond specific homework assignments.
4. Periodically review progress on long-term assignments.
5. Inform the school of all absences. Any long-term absences should be discussed with the classroom teacher(s).

Homework Expectations

Every child’s amount of time spent on homework will vary according to individual needs and abilities. As a guideline, students could expect a daily average of 10 minutes per grade level (Marzano). For example, a 5th grader could expect to do 50 minutes of homework per night. College credit classes often require additional time. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher if there is a concern.

Students are expected to do basic review and Accelerated Reading (AR) as a part of, or in addition to, other homework assignments. This may vary by grade level and student needs.