Spiritual Life

This is our theme for the 2021-22 school year...  

 “Be Salt. Be Light." –  Matthew 5:13-16
Jesus uses the images of Salt and Light because they can be useful to attract others.  
Conversely, He says being “bland” or “hidden” makes us useless.  
Let us take time out of our stressful day-to-day activities considering how our actions might be Salt and Light to draw others to Jesus. 

Be Salt Be Light

Questions we might want to ask ourselves (and our families) include: 
Do I spend time in the Bible on a “regular basis”?  
Am I faithfully involved in the Church?
How is my prayer life on a scale from 1 (poor) - 10 (great)?

If we are not happy with the answers to these questions, consider ways you can grow deeper in your faith.

Our Lord loves you and desires to spend time with you!