Our Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Educational Philosophy


Mission Statement

The mission of Spalding Catholic School is to instill a belief in God and self, and provide excellence in learning through mutual support, service and Catholic leadership. 

Vision Statement

Superior education guided by Catholic faith.

The Core Values we abide by are:

- Catholicism

We abide by and promote the teachings of a Church that was started 2000 years ago by Christ and continues to be guided by the Holy Spirit today.

- Accountability

We strive to hold ourselves and others accountable, continuously working to grow and learn.

- Service

"Treating other as we would want to be treated” helps direct our everyday words and actions. We look at the needs of others and reach out with a compassionate heart and hand.

- Excellence

By keeping Christ first, the importance of faith in academics and extra-curriculars is evident.


Educational Philosophy

Spalding Catholic School is a Christ-centered educational community dedicated to the development of the whole child. We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children; it is their right and duty to educate them. Spalding Catholic School aids parents with this responsibility by providing a faith atmosphere that is supportive of the Christian family values.

Our vision of the graduate of Spalding Catholic School is one who is committed to Christian values, has a strong sense of self-esteem, and respects the uniqueness of others.

• We see each child as a son or daughter of God, one who needs the nurture of Christ-like caring.

• We hold a vision of the school as a Catholic Christian community where Christian values are made manifest.

• We believe the classroom should be a caring community, a special learning environment where the unique personhood of each child is respected and nurtured.

• We believe the major goal of education is the development of the child’s ability to make moral decisions and to act accordingly.

• We agree the curriculum and instructional program be value oriented and global in scope to meet the present and future needs of the students, using varied methods and resources.