Welcome Message

Spalding Catholic School has a long tradition of Catholic education in Northwest Iowa, starting with the parish schools in the early 1900's. There is a saying in programs with a history and institutional strength: "We stand on the shoulders of giants." When we are incorporating our core values of Catholicism, accountability, service and excellence, we are not only continuing with behaviors and beliefs of those who came before us, but ensuring that those children in our schools will develop into adults who hold those values close to their hearts. Each year we pick a gospel value in collaboration with Gehlen, and this year our theme is "without Me, you can do nothing." We are indeed many different students, teachers, parents, supporters, graduates (like me) and believers. Yet we are one Spalding Catholic community that stands strong and proud of our mission to provide excellent Catholic education. Thank you for joining us on our website as you learn more about us.

Welcome Message From our Principal, Bryan Paulson: 

Our mission at Spalding is to instill a belief in God and self, and provide excellence in learning through mutual support, service, and Catholic leadership.  Our vision is to provide superior education guided by the Catholic faith.

Our school maintains a safe, nurturing environment that inspires a genuine love for learning and encourages a lifelong quest for knowledge. Our students have the opportunity to grow in our Catholic faith through prayer, daily religion classes, and by attending weekly Mass. Every child is special and Spalding is committed to high academic standards that are grounded in our faith and the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for your interest in Spalding Catholic and we invite you to learn more about our excellent spiritual and academic opportunities. Feel free to contact us anytime!

God Bless,

Bryan Paulson