School Board

The Spalding Catholic School Board consists of two elected lay representatives each from St. Anthony, St. Joseph, and St. Mary parishes, the pastors of these same parishes, and the Spalding Catholic Schools principals. The voting members are the elected representatives and pastors. All function as equal voting members, working collaboratively and making decisions on a consensus basis whenever possible.

The purpose of the Board is to promote an effective program of religious, intellectual, cultural, social, and physical education for the students of Spalding Catholic Schools. The functions of the Board are threefold: a) to develop and define school policy, b) to assist school administrators in the execution of school policy, and c) to promote adult education. The various specific duties of the Board are spelled out in its Constitution.

The School Board enables its members to work in the matters of Catholic education. The principals provide the Board with information regarding daily operations of the school. In turn, the School Board provides the principals with their individual feedback and ideas, as well as opinions from the people they represent. Many heads can come to better decisions.

Rev. Dan Greving
Email: [email protected]
(712) 756-4224

Bryan Paulson
Email: [email protected]

Rick Kellen
Alton St. Mary Rep.
Email: [email protected] 
Board President

John Heller 
Alton St. Mary Rep. 
Email: [email protected]

Dan Goergen
Granville St. Joseph Rep.
Email: [email protected] 

Doug Klein
Granville St. Joseph Rep.
Email: [email protected]

Joe Pohlen
Hospers St. Anthony Rep. 
Email: [email protected]