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Following are the Policies for Photograph Consent, Field Trips, Internet Use, School Bus, Tuition/Lunch Payment if you wish to review them...

Photograph Consent & Release Form Info.

We give permission for our child(ren) to be pictured and/or quoted in publications, press releases, blogs, web pages, and social media accounts of Spalding Catholic School and/or The Diocese of Sioux City.

Field Trip Form Info.

We give permission for our child(ren) to participate in any parish/school sponsored events during the school year that requires transportation to a location away from the parish site.  I understand that all activities will take place under the guidance and direction of the parish/school employee and/or volunteers from Spalding Catholic School.
As parent and/or guardian of the above-named child(ren), I remain legally responsible for any personal actions taken by the above minor.  I agree on behalf of my child named herein or our heirs, successors and assigns, to hold harmless and defend (Spalding Catholic) its officers, directors, employees and agents, and the Diocese of Sioux City, its employees and agents and chaperones or representatives associated with the events for reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses which may incur in any action brought against them as a result of such injury or damage, unless such claim arises from negligence of the parish/school/diocese.
The following special health problems should be noted in writing to the school: (e.g. - unusually severe reaction to bee stings, other severe allergy, diabetes, heart disease, etc.), so the school may be properly prepared to the extent possible.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Spalding Catholic School believes the Internet is a tool that can help students in many ways.  The Internet also includes objectionable material that students could access.
      Spalding Catholic students will receive training prior to Internet use.  Spalding Catholic staff will blend thoughtful use of the Internet and its information throughout the curriculum and provide guidance and instruction to students in the appropriate use of such resources.  The Internet will be used for educational purposes. It is the policy of Spalding Catholic to provide both supervision and filtering so that objectionable material may not be viewed by Spalding Catholic students.
     Telecommunications and electronic information resources will be used to: enhance the curriculum, increase opportunity for and use of appropriate communication with others, and conduct research.
1.  Users of the Internet at Spalding Catholic are prohibited from posting information that violates the privacy of self and others, or jeopardizes the health and safety of self and others.  This includes using or posting information that is obscene or libelous, causes disruption of school activities, or plagiarizes the work of others. Users must follow all copyright laws.  Commercial advertisement is not allowed.
2.  Users are responsible for careful and proper use of equipment and facilities.
3.  Internet users are prohibited from going to sites that are not appropriate.  This would include use of information or going to sites that are not morally or ethically in line with the beliefs and teachings of Spalding Catholic School and the Diocese of Sioux City.
4.  Spalding Catholic users are prohibited from unauthorized or illegal use of or access to: computers, software, telecommunication systems, and the work of others.
5.  Students are responsible for good behavior and proper communication the same as in any other school activity, including proper Internet etiquette.
6.  Spalding Catholic reserves the right to access stored records in cases where there is reasonable cause to expect wrongdoing or misuse of the system.
7.  There will be no e-mail access except for class use while supervised by a Spalding Catholic staff member.
8.  Violations of the Internet policy will result in immediate loss of access.  
9.  Employees and community members who use the internet are expected to use and communicate in a professional manner following the Spalding Catholic AUP policy, Diocesan standards and Federal copyright laws.

Rules Governing Students Riding School Buses

Students are under the authority of the bus driver and are expected to follow his/her instructions at all times.  A seating chart will be made by the bus driver, if needed. 
- Students causing  disruptions will be given one warning.  Repeated misconduct will result in the student & parents meeting with the Principal and possible suspension from riding the bus.
Students need to be on time for the bus and must behave respectfully to all others on the bus as well as passers-by.  Each student is expected to stay off the road while waiting for the bus and to load/unload the bus in an orderly fashion.
- Each student must go directly to his/her seat and remain seated, keeping their feet off the seats and their hands to themselves.  Absolutely no pushing, shoving, roughhousing, or throwing objects on the bus or out the windows will be allowed.
- Students may not open or close the bus windows without driver’s permission.  Students may not extend their hands, arms, or heads out the bus windows.
- Students must  converse in normal tones; loud or vulgar language is prohibited.  When the bus is crossing railroad tracks, all conversation must cease until the tracks have been crossed.  
- Students are responsible for keeping the bus clean and damage-free.  Students are expected to keep sharp objects off the upholstery.  Book bags and other property must be properly stored and the aisle must remain clear at all times.  

* If our child(ren) ride the MOC/FV bus, they will follow the Rules establish by them. 

Tuition/Lunch Payment

With both Tuition and Lunch there are 3 payment options for families:
A) Paying in full at beginning of school year 
B) Ten equal payments August - May 
C) Four equal payments in Aug., Nov., Feb., May.

All accounts are to be paid in full by last day of current school year.

1. In the event parent/guardian fails to make the agreed upon payment to Spalding Catholic, parent/guardian shall immediately notify the Spalding Catholic Business Office and all parties shall attempt to reach an agreement regarding continued payment.  In the event the parent/guardian fails to maintain the agreed payment schedule, Spalding Catholic will begin a series of steps required by School Board policy to bring payments back to the agreed schedule.  Left unresolved, delinquent accounts will be sent to a collection agency. 

2. If it becomes necessary for this account to be turned over to a collection agency, any local tuition assistance previously awarded will be revoked.  The parent/guardian will also be responsible for all collection costs.