Other Fundraisers

The various fundraisers that we conduct throughout the year help to reduce the cost to educate a child at Spalding by over $1,300 per student. Thank you for helping to support our families through the following fundraising activities: 

- Amazon Smile - Amazon Smile logo

Amazon gives .5% of the price of eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization's AmazonSmile supporters. You can show your support to Spalding by clicking on the link below.


- Box Tops, Pop Cans, & more... - 

A very simple way you can help Spalding Catholic is by giving us your trash...well, just some of it! box tops

  • Box Tops For Education and Tyson A+ Labels - Clip these out and drop them off at church or school.

  • Pop Cans - Instead of throwing your Pop Cans away, drop them off at any of the churches or school locations.  Alton: Church basement, Granville: Convent garage, Hospers: Rectory garage. 
  • Ink Cartridges - place them in a bag and drop those off at the school marked "Development Office".
  • Pizza Ranch Wagon Wheels - these babies are worth 25 cents each! Whenever you order a pizza to go, make sure you tear off the tab on the flap that has the Wagon Wheel on it. They can be dropped off at school or in the back of church.

Thank you for taking a little extra time to help earn extra funds for our school!

BIG thank you also to the ladies in Hospers who spend many hours sorting, clipping, and managing the Trash for Cash program. 

- World's Finest Chocolate Sales -candy

Kindergarten through 6th grade students will be selling: $1 candy bars and $2 box chocolates. Our annual Chocolate sale runs throughout November. 

For more information please contact any Spalding family or the Spalding Development Office at: 712-756-4528.

- World's Best Dish Cloths -cloths

Due to popular demand, we will be offering “World’s Best Dishcloths” along with our annual Chocolate sale this year!

Cotton Cloth
Made in the USA
Sanitary and ravel free
Approx. 10" x 13"
U.S. Manufacturer since 1884

Available in various colors

For more information you may contact the Spalding Development Office at 712-756-4528.

magazine sales

- Magazine Sales -

If you have been saving up your subscriptions and renewals you can order online (using a credit card) and Spalding will receive the credit.

To do so, just go to: www.gaschoolstore.com - Towards the bottom of the page click on “Shop Now” under Supporters. Then, type in 2591063 in the School/Organization ID and click “next”. On the next screen follow the instructions for no student ("Skip This Step") and then you can start shopping.

If you have questions feel free to contact the Spalding Development Office at 712-756-4528.